Confessions of a Fibreholic

Fellview Fibres is a culmination of two passions in my life. Being Cumbrian and the link that sheep and the landscape have always given me to my roots. My other passion is more recent. Spinning.

I adore spinning, any fibre will do, (the softer the better) and I love making 'fluff' into something beautiful and useful.

The purpose of Fellview FIbres shop is to pass on the fibres that I blend and process, to others to enjoy and craft with. All of my fibres are made with the care and attention to detail that I use when preparing fibres for my own personal use.

So you are extremely welcome to search through my now massive 'stash' of fibres. If you find blends and colours you like fantastic! If there is something you are looking for, send me a convo, I am more than happy to experiment with fibres and colours to make something especially for you!

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